My experience in Køge

I visited the beautiful city Køge to show people about the city’s online page where they can find everything about it.
I headed to the central part of the city because most of the visited places like shops, cafes restaurants are located there. My goal was to give cards with information about the portal and the website. I visited various shops where I left marketing materials and shared the idea of the website. The shopkeepers were delighted to be working on this idea and were glad to tell her about their clients. While I was giving them information, customers also listened to the conversation and joined with their questions. Of course, I gave them the information they needed and I gave them out of our cards to have the opportunity to go back to the site and look at everything in detail.

The weather was nice, Køge’s center was full of people, and I was happy to have the opportunity to gladden more people with a card and a great idea. The idea of a website containing all the information about the city was very much liked to everyone I talked with. People were happy to be able to quickly and easily hide upcoming events and current news from what’s happening in their city. Also, a great opportunity to show people who have not been here so far, what they can visit and what they can find in this area.

I also visited Køge campus, where there are many students from other cities and other countries. It was very interesting and useful for them to find a great deal of information about the city they study in on one page. The students were really intrigued and happy to have opened a website entirely for their city.

The time I spent in Køge was a great adventure for me. I met a lot of people, some of whom were busy and focused on their day-to-day duties, but each one was taking time for my idea, and they were smiling at the end of our conversation. For me, it was a day filled with many smiles and positive emotions.